“During the last year, my health went downhill. I had to stay in hospital 8 wks, couldn’t walk well, my mobility got compromised and eventually got diagnosed with MS. Medication and Physical Therapy did not help me to regain control of my leg. My GP advised me to try acupuncture. Dr. Annie Sturman is a great professional, she takes the time to listen and is always doing her best to provide the most effective treatment for me. After 2 treatments sessions I could control my leg and lift it on my own. Of course my leg was not as strong as before, but I could control it better. I understand that acupuncture may not cure my MS. However, Dr. Annie Sturman’s treatments have improved my quality of life, decreased my pain and alleviate a number of symptoms related to MS.  

To me, it is simple, I do not need to understand how acupuncture works, it has no negative side effects because it is provided by a qualified professional, and it has a positive impact on my quality of life, improving a bit every time I receive treatment. With a chronic condition like mine, I know that I will need more than a couple of acupuncture treatments, but I will continue coming to see my acupuncturist and highly recommend her. Annie is a top professional, with a compassionate – caring  approach to her patients.  I really believe that Annie will meet her patients’ needs and exceed their expectations.”

Annie Sturman has a unique ability to tune in to exactly to what I need.. While doing her amazing treatments,,..Annie has educated me about nutrition and other areas that were in need of healing.. ..Annie continues to assist me in creating transformation in my life.. I love her..

Linda H


Hi Annie, you have such a good touch with the needles, the treatment you gave me yesterday set  my core on fire-it felt so good- and the stiffness in my back has diminished to almost nothing. Thank you-I want the same thing next time. If I win the lotto-I will make you my personal acupuncturist.


Cathy M


This was my first time for acupuncture.  You made me feel very comfortable and educated me about Chinese Medicine, diet and stress.  How it affects my pain and how to prevent my pain when I go home.  My sciatic pain was unbearable.  It hurt to sit, stand or lay down.  After the first treatment the pain was so much better.  After the next treatment, I forgot I had sciatica.  Acupuncture is amazing.  Too bad I didn’t know about it sooner.

Mike C


I suffered debilitating headaches for over 30 years.  They were so bad I had to take shots that didn’t always help.  It got so bad I had to miss a lot of work,  The doctor’s did a lot of tests and still couldn’t help me. One of Annie’s patients told me about her and I was desperate so I tried acupuncture.  Well let me tell you how happy I am that I found her.  She talked to me a lot in our first time and explained so much to me.  I have been going for maintenance treatments for over 2 years with no headaches after the second treatment.  Thank you, thank you, thank you,Annie!!!!!!!!

P.S.  Oh by the way, I found out from her that my stress would make the headaches worse but she taught me the things to get rid of stress.

BD, Jr.


Dear Annie,  we wanted a baby for so long and just about gave up before our nurse friend sent us to you.  After 5 miscarriages we just had no hope to ever have a baby.  Well were we surprised to have not just one but two babies with your help.  And since we met you, we eat a healthier diet and do gentle exercise have learned how to relax more (with 2 little kids ha ha).  You have changed our lives.  Thank you for all your caring and patience with us.  And for the loves of our life!

Rachel & T


Doctor Annie,

I know you tell us to call you just Annie but to our family you are our doctor.  After many years that my children were on inhalers for asthma and had many bouts of bronchitis we learned about you.  They have not used inhalers in over 5 years and as soon as they look like they might have a cold we come to your office for treatment.  After you cup their back and use your magnets and tuning forks, they go right back to school the next day.  Plus you taught us which Chinese herbs to use for colds or coughs.  Also since you explained to them that they have to eat vegetables our whole family is healthier.  We are so grateful for you!  Angela J


When my therapist told me acupuncture is very good for depression and anxiety that I have suffered for many years I wasn’t sure if I should go.  She sent me to you and my life is changed forever.  I was kind of anxious to do acupuncture but you made me feel very relaxed and I can’t believe I fell asleep on the table.  With your help and my therapy I am enjoying life again.  Keep doing what you do.

Mary R


One morning I awake with very bad pain in my side.  I go to emergency room.  They say I have gallbladder stones.  So I tell you since you treat my back pain already and you tell me you can help.  After you look at the doctor report you say keep go to doctor to make sure you ok while I treat you with acupuncture plus some herbs.  Wow, no pain for 4 months.  Also you help me change my food and I lose weight and feel better.  Now the doctor say no surgery but we keep an eye.  I never know acupuncture is good for these things.  Thank you for so much help.  I was so scared before.

Lucia G


I, “Give-Thanks”, to Annie Sturman, Acupuncturist, for being in my life, for giving me relief from debilitating, chronic pain.  The severity of  my pain, made harsh demands on my body, which led to years of depression and isolation, with no end in sight.  This is not up for debate; until you have lived in my skin, and stood in my shoes.  No light in sight.

…Acupuncture, offered a chance for health for my body, mind and spirit…In one word, “HOPE”, not, Less.

…Annie Sturman taught me how to breathe for life, not an office visit.  Most of us take breathing for granted—-breathe in/breathe out….not me, anymore; air is free…..I concentrate on my breathing, and I breathe for Qi!!!!!

I am a very grateful patient,

Jean S. R.
I am thankful for every breath…   I would like everyone to know how much I appreciate Annie Sturman, acupuncturist physician. She is a wonderful, caring, and spiritual acupuncturist that gets you back on your feet and out of pain.I was hit by a semi-truck who took a red light going 60mph.  I was air-lifted to Memorial Hospital, where it was determined that I had 23 broken bones.  I was placed on a ventilator because my left lung collapsed and the other lung was not doing well. I was in hospital for 22 days and came home with all the hospital equipment and my mom to care for me.

Four months after my accident, I started to request to be taken off all of my medications. I was on …that were highly addicting and was having 7 out of 9 side effects from one of my medications Within 2 weeks of going through a detox I realized the doctors had a point, I couldn’t tolerate the pain. But, I did not want to go back to the heavy dosage of medications. I wanted to get back on my feet and feel good about life again.  So I decided to tag along with a friend whom had been seeing an acupuncture physician, Annie Sturman. I had a consultation with Annie and have been seeing her ever since. She has truly helped me through one of my hardest times in my life. The pain became tolerable immediately and 2 weeks after I started treatment the pain started to dissipate. Annie has helped me in many ways; I was able to return to work within 8 months of my accident. Most of my previous doctors had told me it would take at least 2 years before I could return to work and that I would be on medications for a very long time. I know that I am living a healthy and normal life today because of the faith I have in God, the help of my family, friends and the special care of Acupuncturist Physician Annie Sturman.

With Appreciation,


Annie Sturman, A.P.
Annie Sturman, A.P.

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